Valley Clean-up Services Landscaping
Valley Clean-up Services Landscaping Services

About Valley Clean-up Services

We are local, family run business located in Pembroke, Ontario that offers junk removal and recycling services for your home, business, or construction site. At Valley Clean-up services we strive to be competitive with our prices, environmentally friendly with our practices, and charitable with our time and donations whenever the opportunity arises.


Valley cleanup services recognizes that in today’s economy many people have been hit by increasing cutbacks, not only in the jobs we do, but in the services we need! We have found that there is a shortage of support in Pembroke and the surrounding areas for those with mental illnesses and have chosen to help support the services here and promote awareness. We pride ourselves in providing services to those in need of a cost they can afford whenever we are able. "We’ve been there".

Valley Clean-up Services is a comprehensive landscaping company offering a wide array of residential and commercial landscaping features. We have a network of designers and landscaping professionals that are among the most well-respected in the business, and we’re excited to start your next major property project. Call us today at (613) 281-8118 for more details about how we can work for you.

With a portfolio of past work that can give you an intimate idea of just how different our design and installation specialists can suit your taste profile, don’t delay setting up an appointment to meet with one of our representatives today!

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Due to unforseen circumstances, the majority of our landscaping division will be unavailable in 2021. Contact us for further information

Valley Clean-up Services Landscaping
  • Garden Design
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Hardscapes
  • Shrub and Hedge Maintenance
  • Tree Trimming and Removal
  • Residential and Rooftop Snow Removal
  • Sod Installation
  • … and so many more specialized services for your home or business!

Whether you’re looking for something aesthetic, functional, or a delicate mix of both, we’re here to realize your landscaping dreams. We’re experienced in both big and small jobs for all kinds of residential and commercial properties. Whatever your problem, dream, or need, we have the team for you. Call us today!

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Benefits to Professional Landscaping with Valley Clean-up Services

Landscaping doesn’t just boost the enjoyment of your property investments. A well-landscaped residential property can have a positive effect on the physical and mental health of its residents. It can provide an environment for families to grow together and provide the backdrop for memories that last a lifetime. Landscaping can also increase your curb appeal and boost your property value—sometimes by a lot. That’s a good investment!

Commercial landscaping can increase the functionality of your work environment, impress clients and business partners, and provide a more beautiful space for your employees and colleagues. Studies have shown that employees respond well to work environments that are supportive, functional, and beautiful. Doing what looks and feels great for your business can translate directly into increased productivity. For more information about how landscaping can benefit your commercial property, contact us at (613) 281-8118 and speak directly to one of our representatives.

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There is no denying the practical and aesthetical benefits of a beautiful outdoor living or working space. Whatever your needs are for your property, you can be sure that the design and installation specialists at Valley Clean-up Services are here to help you out. We’re ready to make your landscaping fantasies a reality you can live in. Call (613) 281-8118 to have your outdoor space reflect your taste, dignity and style!

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