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About Valley Clean-up Services

We are local, family run business located in Pembroke, Ontario that offers junk removal and recycling services for your home, business, or construction site. At Valley Clean-up services we strive to be competitive with our prices, environmentally friendly with our practices, and charitable with our time and donations whenever the opportunity arises.


Valley cleanup services recognizes that in today’s economy many people have been hit by increasing cutbacks, not only in the jobs we do, but in the services we need!

We have found that there is a shortage of support in Pembroke and the surrounding areas for those with mental illnesses and have chosen to help support the services here and promote awareness. We pride ourselves in providing services to those in need of a cost they can afford whenever we are able. "We’ve been there".


We offer select services to select clients

… and so many more specialized services for your home or business!

  • Junk Removal
  • Clean Outs
  • Estate Clean Outs
  • Excavation
  • Dumpsters
  • Campground Garbage Collection


There is no denying the practical and aesthetical benefits of a beautiful outdoor living or working space. Whatever your needs are for your property, you can be sure that the Specialists at Valley Clean-up Services are here to help you out. Call (613) 281-8118 for more information

About Us

A Tradition of Excellence

Our company was founded on a tradition of pride and excellence. While much has changed about us over the years, that legacy remains with us at every turn. It’s what governs our business practices—and what lets our services shine. We are committed to meeting the highest of industry standards. Up-to-date training, regular professional development, continual organizational improvements: We spare no expense in upholding our reputation and staying at the peak of our craft.

Our clients have come to expect the very best from us, and we think you should be able to as well

Leaders in Our Field

Years of training, years of experience, and a commitment to excellence have earned us a leading position in our field. We are a skilled team of experts, possessing an impeccable record of success and a reputation that precedes us. Diligence, persistence, and the highest standards for professional conduct are what we bring to the table. It’s those qualities that make us such a tour de force in our field. It’s those qualities that let us stand head and shoulders above the competition. Valley Clean-up Services. It’s a name that means excellence. It’s a name you can trust

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity define our business model. It is at the very core of our operations. We maintain a strong company ethos based on transparency and respect for our clients. As a service provider, we take our responsibilities to you seriously. Everything that we do, we do it with pride, passion, and the utmost care. We know our clients have come to appreciate our no-nonsense, unbiased professional opinion. Rest assured when you work with us you’ll get to appreciate it too. Valley Clean-up Services: Founded on a culture of professionalism, dedication, and excellence. Founded on honesty, integrity, and respect.

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Meeting your needs—exceeding your expectations: It’s all in a day’s work for Valley Clean-up Services. For timely service, affordable prices, and professional staff, we are your number one choice. We’ve helped clients near and far with our committed customer-first approach. And now it’s your turn.